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CC Ride # ??? Last ONE ;-) - Coffee and strava Art & Thanks

Hey Friends, family and supporters

This will be my last blog entry for this year for my ride 500.

So at final tally that's 2112 klms which took around 90hours on the bike and I climbed 28,975M of elevation. Phew no wonder I'm cooked ;-)

More importantly together with all the wonderful support we have raised $4140.00 for the Cancer Councils ongoing research and support services for those facing cancer. 
I'm a little bit emotional and overwhelmed by the support I have received and I am so grateful.

As I said in my thank you emails to many supporters that to be honest  my riding would mean very little with out the tangible donations you all have made to this wonderful cause. I am humbled by your support as we know there are many great causes to give to so the fact you chose to support me in this one means a great deal to me.

I got an influx of donations on the last day so hopefully everyone will understand if I list them below ;-)  I did many rides I have not posted so if you look at my strava feed pick one you like and dedicate ti to yourself ;-)

A massive heart felt thank you to the following;

1. - Maryjo Johnson - Or MJ for short. I met MJ as she  leads a online cycling club called Bikealicious on Zwift which has riders from all over the world riding together and telling DAD jokes to pass away the klms.  MJ is the queen of joke telling and she and the club openly welcomed me in and allowed me to ride with them on my evening rides. Without the support of this group I would never have got through the klms and then the fact she chimed in and sent a personal donation I 'm going to admit brought a tear to my eye. 

2. Evan. -  A note about the above . I would not have been able to join the online riding community if it was not for my amazing friend Evan who lent me his bike and indoor smart trainer for the month. At first i wasn't sure but in the end with the rain and trail closures it was the only way I cold ride and not to mention saved me from dodging cars an trucks in the dark. I'm so grateful I have no idea how I will make it up to him what an absolute legend in the true sense of the word. Thank you my friend ;-)

3. - Sue Kendrick (Nee Chambers) - wonderful family friend from way back and all my memories are full of laughter ;-)

4. - Anonymous - You know who you are. Your gift tipped us over the $4000 mark which made the last hard klms feel worth the effort ;-)

5. - Tim Oconnor - So many great memories of Tim again filled with fun and laughter. Ive had the privilege of getting to bump into him recently and share a quick chat while we wait for our morning coffee. Its been a highlight of my day ;-)

6. - Judith Carter - last but certainly not least. My amazing mother in law who has supported Liesel and my family in so many ways words cant express my gratefulness for her ;-)

Ok well if Ive missed anyone out please forgive me the fatigue has set in a little and I might have to take a rest ;-)

If you check out my lst outdoor ride I got in between the rain showers yesterday you'll notice that Ive done a little bit of STRAVA ART and drawn a love heart to express my gratitude and love for all your kind encouraging words and support xxx ooo ;-)

See you on the trails

Grant (Rocky)

P.S. The Apologies as Strava Art may also look like a bottom if your device loads it upside down... ;-) Couldn't resist a joke to finish off.

PSS. You can keep following my progress and read my blogs at:

CC Ride 500 # 25- ZWIFT -Biakealicious - Uber Pretezel

Hey Friends, Family and supporters

Ok so we are getting close to the end of the month and I am getting pretty weary but I have something important to share.

This is the biggestlongest rider I have ever done inside or outside and I wanted to do it because I have the BIGGEST thank you to send out.

This one was for my wife Liesel and my boys, Bailey, Trent and Jacob.
                        THANK YOU xxx ooo

Without the support of them I would never have been able to do this. Many hours at the beginning of the month out of the house on the bike and then the hours lately at night churning through the klms they have been amazing.

Passing me water bottles, turning my fan on when I forget and just generally cheering me on and allowing me to spend the time doing this very personal challenge.

Sure there are many times they walk past and said: " Are you still going?" and  " you know your are crazy, right?" ;-) But all the time I know they have got my back.

They have put up with me talking to myself and puffing and panting in the lounge room for hours at a time and I'm so grateful for their love and support.

The last few years have been tough on all of us for different reasons and me having my brain tumour removed at the start of the pandemic really hyped up the pressure. All I can say is we are still here, we are still a family and we still love each other in the best way each of us can.

Love you Liesel, your my rock ;-) xxx ooo

Love you Bailey, Trent, and Jacob, As a Dad couldn't be more proud to call you my sons x o

Grant ( Rocky) Dad ;-)

Ps. A big thanks also must go out to the Bikealicious crew on Zwift for getting me through this ride ;-)  Ive been so grateful for the way they have welcomed me into the group and given me people to share the fun and some times the pain with ;-)

CC Ride 500 # 24- ZWIFT - Solo ride - Big Foothills Watopia

Hey there friends

Ok so this one was a solo ride and is dedicated to the wonderful Kaye Johnson.

When I think of Kaye she was someone their throughout my teenage years right through to when I got married in the same Church. Always a fan and always thankful for the tings I did I think she even liked my drumming (maybe maybe not? ;-)  Ha ha ;-)

I haven't spoken to her fro a long time but I hope she is well and to see her name pop up in the donations list and her encouraging words makes me think she is still a fan of mine ;-) 

Bless ya  Kaye your a real gem!

See you on the Trails

Grant ( Rocky)

CC Ride 500 # 23- ZWIFT - Beanie's Groupride- Douce France loop

Hey Friends, family and supporters

This ride is dedicated to another long time family fiends Kathy Crombie for her kind works of encouragement and support.

Kathy has a special place in my memories from my formative years and has always just had the joy of her soul emanating out and lifting the spirits of anyone she meets. Even now siting here I can feel her infectious smile and cheerful laughter. Kathy, is as we all are, is one of a kind ;-)

Peace and grace to you Kathy ;-)

See you on the trails,

Grant (Rocky)

CC Ride 500 # 22- ZWIFT - Bikealicious - Three Little sisters

Hey Friends and supporters

The ride is dedicated to Beth Eicorn and of course Dave and Nathan.

You know those friends who seem to be there in your most distant and fondest memories, Well these guys are those kinds of friends.

Recently we attended a birthday bash together and I was so glad we were at their table. Always with a fun story to tell and to make you feel like its just ok to have a good time ;-) "Salt of the earth" would be the term many would attribute to these guys.

Im so grateful for their long term friendship and their support for this ride.

Cheers friends,

See you on the trails (or in Watopia it seems)

Grant (Rocky )

CC Ride 500 # 20-21- Bikealicious & Alpe Du Zwift Solo

Hey Friends, family  and wonderful supporters

I'm a bit late posting this as I was up late doing a solo climb of Alpe Du Zwift last night as I wanted this be to again be special. 

This ride is dedicated to my big sister Michelle (or Shelly as we affectionatly call her) who from the very early days looked out for me and kept me safe but also in line when she thought I need it ;-)
One of my fondest memories was as a young 13 year old drummer she (and my wonderful brother in law Rob) took my brother and I out for dinner in the city and then to the old Sydney Ent Cent to see Dire Straights - Brothers in Arms - my first big concert of my life and its was magical. Nothing can compare with a first life experience like that and I'm so glad it included my big Sis shes just the best.

Anyway I did a 40klm group ride to warm up and then as a tribute to my sister I climbed the biggest mountain I could find in Zwift ;-) Still didn't get to see the fabled YETI but will keep my eyes out ;-) I was cooked in the end and could hardly pedal back down the hill ;-)

Thanks Shelly for being such a beautiful kind big sister to me all these years ;-)

See you on the trails

Grant (Rocky)

CC Ride 500 # 18-19- Alpe du Zwift & Beanies Bunch Ride

Hey Friends

Ok so this ride is dedicated to a long time friend Julie Close who I feel I have not seen for too long. Again another donation that came as a complete but welcomed surprise and made me smile when I saw it.

Considering this was really two rides I'm also going to include an anonymous donor in this thankyou who I hope they  see this and know that they are just as valued and special even though I can thank them by name ;-)

This ride up the Alpe Du Zwift (again which is modeled off a real world climb) was not any easier the second time round.
Apparently if your lucky on the climb you get to spot a Yeti in the snow! Sadly no Yeti sightings this time round ;-)

Anyway you may noticed Ive already gone past my 1250 klm goal I reset just the other day But Ive got many people to thank and a lot more to give so I'm not going to stop now. I have just set myself an ambitious new target and Im going to need all the thoughts and prayers you can muster to get me there.

See you on the trails

Grant (Rocky)

CC RIDE 500 # 16 & 17 - ZWIFT - The Magnificent 8

Hey Friends and Supporters

This ride is dedicated to my fellow MTB rider Tim G who Ive enjoyed riding with over the years. He knew full well I would need a push along in this September and I'm so thankful for his support.

Up today was two more Zwift rides. one was an FTP ( Functional Threshold Power) workout which was my first and was pretty interesting ;-) And followed it up with another group ride with the Bikealicious crew which felt pretty hard today for some reason ;-)

Thanks everyone. Looks like some more rain coming so it will be indoor riding for the rest of this week I m guessing.

Ride on everyone ;-)


Grant (Rocky)

CC RIDE 500 # 14 & 15- ZWIFT 105klm - Chasing the Sun

Hey Friends, family and wonderful supporters

This ride is dedicated to long time friends of my family Lucia Vardanega and her husband Pete.

Again I was just taken back by their encouraging words and super generous donation that I had to look twice. No matter what some one donates it just blows me away every time.  I cant believe Ive got anywhere  near the klms Ive ridden and the amount we have raised together and the only reason I can keep pedaling is because of all your support.

Ive not been able to get out on the trails lately due to work and the fact that most of  the trails are closed in my area at present so I wanted to make this one special and did a marathon effort on the indoor smart trainer.  I actually really love it as Iget to ride with people from around the world. People tell jokes (The Dad joke type) and chat about what music they are listening to its a really positive environment. And everyone sticks together ;-)

Thanks again Lucuia and Pete Im so grateful and this marathon 105 klms was for you guys ;-)

Peace to ya and see you on the trails or climbing up Alpe Du Zwift ;-)

Grant ( Rocky)

CC RIDE 500 # 13 - WSMBT Yellowmundee 180 race

Hey friends and supporters

This ride is dedicated to the wonderful Donna and Peter Kennedy who always have been so supportive and ecouraging in all aspects of life, faith and family.

Today was race day, my legs were tired, I was tired and I didn't think I was going to going very well but I knew I'd put the work in training. Well I came 11th out of 40 starters in the solo mens which includes all the young and not so young elite riders. I was pretty stoked with that result. 

My efforts today reminded me of Donna and Peter and how they have always inspired me to keep running (riding) the race of my faith. They seem to face challenges with something more than jsut optimism they face it with a true hope and its something I aspire to be more like in my own life ;-)  Thanks friends.

This week should be an interesting one to keep the klms up as I am feeling a little weary but now its time to dig deep. 

See you on the trails ;-)

Grant (Rocky)

CC Ride 12 - CC RIDE 500 - The Ven Top Route (France)

Hey Friends, Family  and supporters

Ok so two blog post in a row so I'm catching up ;-)

This ride is dedicated to another one of my amazingly kind cousins Lyn Summers, who, along with her brother and mum (my Aunty) jumped in and gave me a big boost along towards my goal with her generous donation. Hopefully Lyn does not mind me saying that she has taken on her mum's wonderful gentle, polite and kind spirit something she can certainly be proud of, that's what I reckon anyway ;-)

Again I wanted this one to be something special to say thanks to her so I took on one of the toughest climbs (another tour de France favorite) that exist on the online riding platform ZWIFT.
The online  description of this climb reads;
"The “Ven-Top” route is named for the massive climb it contains: Mont Ventoux! This GPS-accurate model of the world-famous climb is by far the toughest ascent in game, climbing 1480 meters (4857′) from the beginning to end of the timed KOM segment"

As I'll never get to France to ride this it was still something special to share it with the online riding group that has warmly welcomed me into their fold and they kept the climb fun telling bad dad and mum jokes all the way to the top which took almost 1.5hrous of climbing without a break ;-)

Thanks for reading everyone.
Rest day tomorrow and a 3hr XC endurance race day on Sunday..woo hoo !

See you on the trails ;-)

Grant (Rocky)

CC Ride 11 - CC RIDE 500 - The Magnificent 8 Zwift

Hey Friends, Family and Supporters

Well I' m playing a bit of catch up with my Ride dedications and due to the rain.
This ride is dedicated to Lloyd Sullivan who is one of my mum and dads Neighbours and when they shared what I was doing he was kind enough to sponsor me.
Ive been so blown away by the kindness and generosity of people as Ive taken on this challenge and am so grateful. This one was for you Lloyd ;-)

Due to the rain and a lot of trails being closed Ive taken on some challenges on the indoor bike and trainer.

Don't be fooled though this is no cheating and easy spinning of  the legs this smart trainer (with a real road bike attached to it) and  the software recreates real world conditions and in some ways I find it harder than riding outside as there is no let up or break when you join a big group riders around the word for a group ride.

Again Ive been so surprised and delighted by the inclusive and welcoming community of riders you find online.

This one I joined was a bunch of Australian riders with international riders jumping in too. It really is lots of fun to ride with others and chat and make jokes over the messaging app while riding along at 35klm per hour and not having to worry about cars ;-)

Peace to ya everyone.

See you on the trails

Grant ( Rocky)

CC Ride 500 # 10- Alpe du Zwift

Hey Friends and Fans

This ride is dedicated to my cousin Mark Summers who got behind me to give me a push.

And a  big push is what I needed to get up Alpe du Zwift which is the virtual twin to the 21 hair-pinned climb in the heart of the French Alps (Alpe d'Huez) ridden in the Tour de France.

Mark has a brilliant mind and gentle spirit and Ive always loved chatting to him at family gatherings and I always learn something new (although family gatherings have again been too few of late).

I thought I would dedicate this ride to Mark as its quite a technical feat to get riders from all around the world riding in their pain caves,  lounge rooms or bedrooms in a group at the same time up this mountain. On Zwift you can message real time and give each other a thumbs up or tell a joke which keeps the ride fun.

So here is a big thumbs up to Mark for getting me up this hill along with the kind folk from the Bikealicious Cycling Club on Zwift ;-)

Peace to you all.

See you on the trails.

Grant (Rocky)

CC Ride 500 # 9- The Golden Glow

Hey Friends, Family and Supporters

This ride is dedicated to my dear Aunty Heather Summers.

A most kind and gently spoken person and some one who I have not seen in far to long and I really miss those family gatherings where we would all catch up.  still she jump in and got right behind me and I'm just beside myself with gratefulness for her support.

I certainly needed the push along today after a long rider yesterday I had a tired body and tired mind. But the thought of my Aunty chipping in and believing in me pushed me to do another loop and make up my 50klm target for todays ride in the fading light.

Thanks Aunty Heather I hope to see you soon ;-)

See you all on the trails ;-)

Grant (Rocky)

CC RIDE500 # 8 - When The Saints Go Marching In

Hey Friends and Supporters,

This ride is dedicated to my Nan (McDonald) who we lost to cancer in 1980.
Her full name was:
Ruby Ellen McDonald 2.8.1927-5.3.1980.
I have distant memories of her at their Mount Prichard home and one memory of her taking me to the movies in what I thought was Cronualla and her sneaking hot chips in her handbag (not sure if this is true would have to check with my mum ;-)
My most fond memory was when as a young child she would make bubbles using sunlight soap using her hands cupped in a circle and gently blowing until a large bubble formed.
I know like all special people in our lives she was and is greatly missed by all especially my late Pa McDonald :-(.

I was going to cut the ride short as I am feeling the weariness of consecutive rides but I was determined to get over the 100klm mark to make it a special one for my Nan.

The ride is named after an old Hymn and I am convinced that my Nan is one of the saints marching into glory to meet the Lord.

Love ya Nan.

Grant (Rocky)

CC Ride 500 # 7- GHS Lookout x 2

This Ride is dedicated to:
Megan Butson
Megan and her family have been long time friends of my parents and over the years has supported us all in so many ways.

I have been constantly moved by her generosity with what she has and her faith  in the truth that in giving away her gifts, resources, and money she will be all the richer not the poorer for having done so.

Its something I aspire to and hope to get better at doing in my own life.

This ride has one of the steepest fire trail climbs in the mountains but once you get to the top the view is worth it ;-)

See you on the trails ;-)

Grant (Rocky)

CC RIDE500 # 5 - Flirting with the Rain

Hey Friends, Fans and Supporters ;-)

This ride goes out to my Uncle Philip (Liesel's Uncle ;-)
Such and inspiring leader and lifer story he has.
I'm also filled with hope when I get a chance to speak with him about  the world and about all matters of life.

I took a moment to refuel with a muffin and think about the chats that he and I have had over the years. From my perspective they are too few and also where too far between.

Thanks Uncle Philip and Aunty Judy for your support ;-)

time to keep going so I can get a ride in today before the rain comes ;-)

See you on the trails.

Grant (Rocky)

CC RIDE500 # 5 - Monday Arvo Madness - For my brother ;-)

Hey Friends and supporters

This ride is dedicated to my big brother who has always supported and encouraged me.   In these times when I can't drive he has been an absolute legend and I am so grateful.
I cant think of any one else I would have felt more safe and comfortable with when he drove me home from my operation to remove my brain tumour. I was pretty tender and my head felt like the size of a beach ball but he drove so carefully and smooth and I was so glad to be on my way home ;-)

Thanks brother this ones was for you ;-)

See you on the trails.

Grant (Rocky

CC RIDE500 # 3 - XC 3HR RACE - MUDGEE - Fathers day edition

Hey Friends and supporters.

Well this ride definitely has to be dedicated to my Dad who taught me many wonderful things.
    One of those was to not let your limitations or fear hold you back from giving something a go.
    A little while back my family gave me the gift of going to ifly where you experience whats its kind of like for a parachutist to be free falling or weightless.
  Well my Dad despite his physical challenges and weakness with his muscular Dystrophy jump in and gave it a go.
   I was so proud of him and will always be proud he is my Dad. His hard work to provide for our family and build a business which intern provided for other peoples families through employment is one of his greatest achievements. This is only superseded by the way he loves my mum and loves my brother and sister and all the family and the way he loves the Lord and has kept his faith alive through so many challenges.

Love ya Dad!

This ones for you.

Grant (Rocky)

CC RIDE500 # 2 - Faulco Point Friday 60K

The weather almost beat me today and the rain made me want to turn around and quit.
But then I thought well Cancer doesn't let you call a time out. You cant say; Cancer I'm not up for this today come back when I am ready to fight.

So today was about pushing on through the cold and rain (couldn't feel my feet by the end) Listening to my drive train being ground away by the gritty sandstone being flicked up along the wet trail ;-) 

This Ride is dedicated to Michelle Grice and family  who made the first donation in what seemed on minutes after I had signed up for the challenge. Thank you :-) This one is for you guys as I know you are having to face your own challenges and our hearts are with you.

See you on the trails...

Grant (Rocky)

CC RIDE500 # 1 - Double Bees Nest Loop

Well that's ride # 1 done and dusted.

Just caught the sunset at the lookout.
Had mechanical issue which made the ride a little longer.
This was my first attempt at this loop as the trails have been closed for maintenance and boy there was a lot more climbing that I had been hoping for ;-)
Oh well onwards and upwards as they say.


Grant (Rocky)

Testing 1...2

Hey Friends and Supporters

Well that's it!  The last training ride done and ready for RIDE500 to start tomorrow.
Remember to give me a shout out anytime to cheer me a long and if you inclined to donate that would be super too!

Feeling excited and a little nervous if I'm honest.

Peace to ya's

Grant ( Rocky)

Just Call me Shrek

Hey Friends and supporters
Not long to go now...
just keeping the legs turning but they are feeling a little tired from Sundays big ride ;-)

Hoping the recovery speeds up a little otherwise its  just head down, bottom up and the old phrase;  shut up legs ;-)

Remember its not to late to donate and support those with cancer and those searching for a cure.

See you on the trails ;-)

Grant (Rocky)

Everybody Hurts - Biggest Ride to Date

Hey Friends and supporters

I'm meant to be tapering down ready for September but got carried away in the moment and did my longest ride to date with the most elevation.

Now for some serious rest before Thursday.

Got some bike tyre issues and I have been waiting for more than eight months for tyres to come in but no stock anywhere . Such is the global bike parts shortage.

Found some that will do so will get them fitted this week ready for the month and also a 3hr race on Sunday ;-)


Grant (Rocky)

Faluco point Friday 60K

Hey Friends

Well training days are counting down fast. Will probably get one more decent ride in before dropping down or tapering as they call it for a few days before September kicks in.

Another great if not a little wet ride this afternoon to the point and a few extensions to clock up a couple more klms ;-)

Only a few crazy runners and myself out there today.

Ride  On

Grant (Rocky)

Commuting Still Counts .... Best Sunset

Well I'll take what ever excuse I canto get training in and a doctors appointment is no exception even if I have to show up in my riding clothes ;-)

Ah they are used o me by now. When you cant drive and public transport is unhelpful at least I am able to jump on my bike.

And I get to see the best sunsets ;-)


Grant  (Rocky)

There's No Place Like Home

Post Race tired legs but still got out for a 50k ride.

Got my new red slippers on but couldn't click my heels and just get home had to ride all the way back.

Tried a slightly different route. I'm going to need to be creative to mix things up a little in September but also need to ride smart so I make the distnace ;-)

Faulco point Friday 50K

Hey Friends,

Well Ive been blown away by the support I have received so far.

Training is going well and hopefully the body is getting used to doing 2 consecutive 50K rides. I'll be aiming for 250klms per week maybe a little more for the first two weeks if the weather is good to keep some buffer up my sleeve.

Today's sunset was magnificent and inspiring as ever ;-)

Peace to you all.

Grant (Rocky)

New Jersey Day Training Ride

Hey there Friends

Well couldn't wait to get you and clock up another training ride in my new jersey.
Thank you to all my supporters for cheering me on.
I'm getting a little nervous as September approaches but we will just take it one ride at a time hey ;-)

Ride on!

Grant (Rocky)

Rest Days

Hey Friends

Just an update to let you know Ive taken a couple of days to recover after a big ride on Sunday.

I will be out on another training ride tomorrow as I feel like September is coming fast ;-)

Ride On!

Grant (Rocky)

My Heros - Mum and Dad

Hey There Friends and Family

Well this post is all about putting a shout out to my Mum and Dad who have always got behind me 100%.

On the Weekend I did my longest ride and in some ways it was the toughest ride Ive done to date given the elevation. I had to push on even when I wanted to quit.
Both my parents know what it is like to have to push on in life even when you would rather give up.
My Dad has battled a debilitating illness for a quarter century or more and had cancer and other health issues to face on top of it. He has his down days I'm sure but always manages a smile and has time to chat and do things for others. His name should be next to the word perseverance in the dictionary.
My Mum has faced multiple cancers for decades and yet she continues to find the strength to get back up and to care for my Dad and my family. How she does I don't know but her kindness seems to know no end.
They never pretend like its been easy it's clearly been hard but they choose to keep hoping and keep their faith alive which in tern give others hope, gives me hope, to keep getting back up even when life or health knocks you down.  They taught me not to become bitter but to continue to  use the time you have left to love and serve others.
After all in the end it will only be your kindness to others that will matter.
So my longest and toughest ride I dedicate to my beautiful Mum and Dad who taught me to keep getting up and to do what I can for others.
Thanks to their super generous donation I have already passed my goal set for fundraising.

Love Ya mum and Dad

Your forever grateful son.

Grant x o

Cold, Flu and Covid

Its tough times to stay fit and keep churning out the training with everything that is going on.
I'm trying to take the sensible precautions like wearing a mask when social distancing or ventilation is not possible or sufficient but I seem to be in the minority.
Several of my family are feeling unwell but no positive Covid test as yet.
Currently we are all in our separate rooms at my house and getting out for a ride is tricky but I did it.

Friday Fifty K

Was not feeling it at first and had tired legs from a busy week of work and riding.
Been a good test for September to see what shape I need to be in and how I can get the klms in.
One thing is for sure Im gunna have to watch my sleep and nutrition or I wont make it through the month 

Chasing the Sun to the Point

Even with tired legs I just had to push to catch the last daylight out at the point.
fading daylight and fading legs but didn't matter with a sky like that to ride under .

Don't forget you can support me in my ride by following the link to my fundraising  page.

Peace out ;-)

Banking Some Klms for a rainy day

This ride is about my limit for lenght and elevation . but far out the weather was good ;-)
From all reports there may be more rain coming our way so thought I might just bank some klms for those rainy days when riding is not possible.
Might need to find someone I can borrow an indoor trainer from ;-)

The Bike is Back Baby! First Test Ride

Hey There.

Well thanks to the great team @ Nicks Cycles
 I am back on the road or trail.
Did my first test run on this chilly evening and am hoping to slowly build up to my goal and be ready when September starts.

Lets hope the weather is on our side ;-)

Bike in for repairs ;-)

While I am keen to get going to cover the Klms I have set my bike is in for much needed repairs given the wet and muddy conditions I have been riding in this year.

Stay tuned. I will be getting back on the rails as soon as its is ready ;-)

I'm taking on the Ride500 challenge to help end cancer! Please support my Ride by making a donation.

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia and sadly, 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. But together, we can help change this by raising some serious coin to help end cancer for good.

Your donation will help fund life-saving cancer research and prevention programs, as well as provide vital support services to people impacted by cancer.

Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ray & Jeanette Solomon

Hi Grant. Congratulations on taking on this challenge. We are happy to be able to support you prayerfully and financially. Have a great ride. Luvya HEAPS. Mum and Dad xox


Grant Solomon



Amazing effort Grant. We have all been cheering you on.


Lucia Vardanega

We're supporting you all the way Grant All of our lives have in some way been touched by cancer. Your commitment to the cause is an inspiration


Michelle Hackenberg

So impressed with your effort and determination. Well done!!


Lyn Summers

Hi Grant, What an awesome goal for a great cause! I hope you get plenty of sunshine for your rides! God bless, Lyn


Heather Summers

Great riding Grant, I wish you well. love Aunty Heather


Donna Kennedy & Peter Kennedy

Congratulations Grant!! Keep up the great work.


Megan Butson


Lloyd Sullivan


Mark Summers

Good on you mate!


Kathy Crombie

Hi Grant Supporting you all the way. Good on you. Bless you Grant


Troy Solomon

Go ROCKY - Enjoy the ride


Philip Hunt

Great work, Grant.


Judith Carter

From your Mother-inlaw


Beth Eichorn


Tim G

Good Luck Grant, you are off to a good start!


Terry And Koleta Mcdonald


Kaye Johnson

Go for it Rocky!!




Michelle Grice


Julie Close

Go well young man! Good work.


Tim Oconnor


Sue Kendrick


Maryjo Johnson

Ride On!