Grant Solomon

Taking on the Ride500 challenge to end cancer.

My Activity Tracking


My target 750 kms

Cold, Flu and Covid

Its tough times to stay fit and keep churning out the training with everything that is going on.
I'm trying to take the sensible precautions like wearing a mask when social distancing or ventilation is not possible or sufficient but I seem to be in the minority.
Several of my family are feeling unwell but no positive Covid test as yet.
Currently we are all in our separate rooms at my house and getting out for a ride is tricky but I did it.

Friday Fifty K

Was not feeling it at first and had tired legs from a busy week of work and riding.
Been a good test for September to see what shape I need to be in and how I can get the klms in.
One thing is for sure Im gunna have to watch my sleep and nutrition or I wont make it through the month 

Chasing the Sun to the Point

Even with tired legs I just had to push to catch the last daylight out at the point.
fading daylight and fading legs but didn't matter with a sky like that to ride under .

Don't forget you can support me in my ride by following the link to my fundraising  page.

Peace out ;-)

Banking Some Klms for a rainy day

This ride is about my limit for lenght and elevation . but far out the weather was good ;-)
From all reports there may be more rain coming our way so thought I might just bank some klms for those rainy days when riding is not possible.
Might need to find someone I can borrow an indoor trainer from ;-)

The Bike is Back Baby! First Test Ride

Hey There.

Well thanks to the great team @ Nicks Cycles
 I am back on the road or trail.
Did my first test run on this chilly evening and am hoping to slowly build up to my goal and be ready when September starts.

Lets hope the weather is on our side ;-)

Bike in for repairs ;-)

While I am keen to get going to cover the Klms I have set my bike is in for much needed repairs given the wet and muddy conditions I have been riding in this year.

Stay tuned. I will be getting back on the rails as soon as its is ready ;-)

I'm taking on the Ride500 challenge to help end cancer! Please support my Ride by making a donation.

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia and sadly, 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. But together, we can help change this by raising some serious coin to help end cancer for good.

Your donation will help fund life-saving cancer research and prevention programs, as well as provide vital support services to people impacted by cancer.

Thank you!

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