Tips and Tools

Do you know the number one reason people donate to charities?

Because they were asked! It's that simple.

Below are some tips to help you boost your fundraising. Or you can log in to your dashboard to access downloadable resources and more!

Log in to your Dashboard

Personalise your online fundraising page

Let people know why you’re raising money to help people who have been touched by cancer.

Get the ball rolling by donating to yourself

Kickstart your fundraising to show your commitment to a cancer free future.

Tell your supporters why every dollar counts

Every dollar raised goes towards vital cancer research, prevention programs, and support service.

Email everyone
you know

Tell them what you’re planning and how they can support you.

Share your progress on social media

Publicly commit to your goals and keep your friends updated with your progress.

Ask your workplace to dollar match

Ask your boss if they’re able to support you by matching every dollar you raise.