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Taking on the Ride500 challenge for their Loved one

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My target 800 kms

Tue 29th Overwhelmed & Over the Moon 🙏❤️

This is the final ride day of my September #Ride500 challenge, heavy rain is predicted for Wed & Thurs. I’m feeling grateful & overwhelmed as $2,000 was raised in the past 24hrs with the help of my Legendary friends KARL, DAVID & RICK, hosting a Live Drinkathon at Burleigh Surf Club QLD on Facebook to promote my ride and help me smash my $2,000 fund raising target. So far... it’s up to $3,199👌 and may reach higher by Thursday🤞. Thank you all for your heart felt support of my ride for this vital cause. Your support makes life saving, and life changing differences impacting many precious people. Overwhelmed, MM 🙏❤️

Day27 Ride17 Ride for a reason!

Pushing the limits and making a difference #Ride500

Day24 Ride15 More reason to Ride for a reason!

I met this incredible man who was told his time would be up 5 years ago. He told me the cancer treatments and support available now is life transforming & life saving. He also said, I’ll be around till 102 👌 Inspirational and heart ❤️ warming

Day18 Ride13 Ride for a reason

Making a difference!

Riding for a reason ❤️

Day17 Ride 12 - #Ride500

Tuesday 14/9

#Ride500 Help End Cancer - 800k Done ✔️ My adventure girl helping me complete my challenge @ H2O MTB park 🏁 Thank you friends for your support and generous donations, and also for those who are yet to donate 🙏😊 The purpose is inspirational, the benefits are life saving & life transforming for the precious many ❤️

Monday 13/9

Good morning Sydney 🌼 #Ride500 Day 13, Ride 11, 8N-a-Raw. 792Kms completed. I can smell the checkered flag 🏁 Thank you friends for your support & generous donations. Every little bit makes a vital difference to the many impacted by the Terrible C!

Welcome to Gnomesville and Spoonsville 🙂

The picture says it all 🌻

Making a difference!

Good Spring 🌼 morning Sydney 🌻

Good spring 🌼 morning Sydney

Good morning Sydney 🌻

What a Euphoric feeling as your lungs fill with the scent of blossoming flowers at sunrise 🌞 #Ride500 👌

Good morning Sydney 🌞💐

Good morning Sydney ☀️

Support my Ride for a Reason

I'm taking on the Ride500 challenge to help end cancer! Please support my Ride by making a donation.

Personally I'm riding in support of a loved one, a loved lost one, and for family and friends that have beaten the terrible C! 

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia and sadly, 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. But together, we can help change this by raising some serious coin to help end cancer for good. 

Your donation will help fund life-saving cancer research and prevention programs, as well as provide vital support services to people impacted by cancer. 

Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Balmain Motorcycles

Ride on - Making a difference ❤️


Coach John

Always inspiring Mags! Love your work mate 👍


Magdy Malik


Frederick And Victoria Maclean

Happy riding!


Vicken Basmajian

You are a great man, doing a great thing for a great cause.


Conor Kelly



Good work Magdy you are very appreciated


Nick Brand

Good luck Mak


Alex Barnes

Cycling is gay but I still love ya 😘


Matthew Jones

Hey Magdy, Keep up the Great work Mate.


Justann Crawford

Well done mate! Awesome riding!!


Shannon Stocks

Well done son




David Giblin



Gavin Morris

Hope you ride better than you fly:-)





Smoke that rubber MM 💪🚲💗


Matt Thomas

$100. Congrats mate well done. Let’s ride together on zwift. I’m riding 1100km for the first 11 days in November to raise funds for the Grace Ward at the Westmead Childrens hospital.


Megan T

Nice work Magdy.


Shaun Podbury

Great job sir.


Duncan Walker

Well done mate. I’m really proud of you, as always. Your friends for life. Duncan & Isabella. ❌⭕️❌⭕️




Gavin Milne

Well done Magdy - and good assitance from Karl and David.


John Mackay

Go Magdy ,you are a true legend 👍


Kirsty Camilleri



Take brother, all the best


Karina Mcevoy

What a wonderful thing you are doing MAGDY, I know you will succeed. Much love



You are an amazing human Magdy Malik. Big Hugs my friend ☺️



Luv u long time


Sarah Howe

Onya Magdy! You are a cycling machine! :)


Kristen Rickatd

Inspirational effort Magdy. Congratulations.


Wesley Tarbuck



Just because of the amazing support and efforts of your drinkathon crew 😉🤗💛 keep going Magdy!!!


Jessie Gregory





Viv Wellington

You amazing human x




Nick And Jenny

Go Magdy. I guess we can't ride together anymore, we won't keep up.


Karen Doane

Go Magdy, Go! Almost as far as our epic retrieve day/night/day :-)


Carol Bradshaw

Good work Magdy xxx


D R Orourke Pty Ltd


Natalie Kilminster

Go hard or go home!!! 🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘


Khalad Levy

Mighty $2,000 mark. Done by the builder of the pyramids



Thank you for your determination



Ride on Magdy, drink on Karl and Dave!


David Shaw


Hayel Albassit


Shaman Dave

I love you ⭐🌟⭐


Phil Mcintyre

Happy days from the Philter


David Palmano


Ralf Gittfried

Congrats for your great effort support this fantastic cause.





Star F

Sending all my love and healing ♥️ Warm hugs and kisses from Eden & Star!✨💛


Kalad Kevy

Go hard bad boy!


Rick Francis


Martin Lewis

Love your work Magdy!!


Khalad Levy The Jew

Go poof


Rick Francis


Kalad Levy