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Taking on the Ride500 challenge to end cancer.

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My target 500 kms

30 Sept Last ride - outdoor pools opened this week!

Just to make sure, I cycled past Chiswick baths (pictured), Drummoyne pool, Dawn Fraser baths, Leichhardt Aquatic Centre - and yes, they were all well patronised before 7.30am Thursday morning, the last day of September, after re-opening earlier in the week. There was a more direct route to Cabarita pool, but my ride around Iron Cove Bay, back around east Drummoyne, over Gladesville Bridge, along the north side of  Parramatta River to the Meadowbank cycle bridge was, well, longer, but very pleasant.  Once again it was hard to resist a couple of laps around into Bicentennial park  and along Powells Creek. Finally across Concord to Cabarita pool for a few laps before heading home with my highest ride total of the challenge - 67 km.

Ferry wharves of Parramatta River

Monday 27th Sept: a cycle past all of the ferry wharves in my currently allowed area of the river, which turned out to be a 52km round trip. Anticlockwise from home this included first stop (1) Chiswick wharf, then under Gladesville Bridge around to (2) Drummoyne wharf, back across Gladesville Bridge and Tarban Creek to Woolwich, visiting (3) Valentia St and (4)  Alexandria St wharves (the latter actually on the Lane Cove River).  Then back under the Gladesville Bridge to (5) Huntleys Point wharf and along to the (6) Putney Punt/Mortlake Ferry (it's really a punt!), on to (7) Kissing Point and (8) Meadowbank wharves, all on the north side.  Crossing the river and following along the Rhodes side east first up was  the Mortlake side of the punt's crossing point. This left only (9) Cabarita wharf and finally back around the bay to (10) Abbotsford, 2 minutes from home.

Cold afternoon ride - Sun 26th Sept

Late Sunday afternoon after a very cold and windy ride around Hen and Chicken Bay  then on through Concord & Bicentennial park to the Homebush Bay foreshore at Rhodes, John and I decided a ferry ride home was in order to avoid riding back into the wind.  So on over the railway bridge to Meadowbank wharf, but as a ferry wasn't due, continued on to Kissing Point for a lengthy wait. By that time it was getting dark and the lights of the rivercat effortlessly gliding up to the wharf was a welcome sight. 

3 Bridges

6am start on another perfect spring morning over the Gladesville Bridge for a quick tour of Hunters Hill, then back around Tarban Creek reserve and along the northern bank of Parramatta River for the usual crossing at John Whitton Bridge.  It was a fairly quiet Saturday am even on the often busy Bicentennial Park paths.  Back via Brays Bay Reserve and the backroads of Concord and Five Dock to complete a 55km ride.

End of week 3

A 31 km ride on Wednesday  morning 22nd Sept was happily interrupted with a celebratory coffee (marking 500km  cycled)  and catch up with Di at Prince Edward Park, Cabarita.
With another week to go in September, it looks like my target kilometres and fundraising will have to be increased!

Meeting the locals

After yesterday's Sunday morning ride crisscrossing the cycle paths through  Bicentennial park with John, then over to Meadowbank ferry wharf for a quick trip home, riding over Gladesville Bridge early Monday morning saw a return to smoke haze across the city due to hazard reduction burnoffs.  It was a morning of encounters with locals: the brush turkey under Gladesville Bridge was not to be deterred from ferreting amongst the picnic rubbish, while further on at Bicentennial park a multitude of water birds had flocked to the refuge; and a pair of fairy wrens flitted across the path.  Leaving the park I doubled back along Homebush Bay crossed the river  at Meadowbank and back , then further up crossed the Ryde Bridge south to north and back again, to eventually wind around the southern bank of the river.   A brief visit to Rivendell , then past Yaralla and on around Hen and Chicken Bay to Cabarita park, coffee, and finally home after 51.2 km. 

North eastern quadrant

Keeping to the northeast of my 5km limit meant crossing  3 bridges to mark the middle point of Ride500: across  Gladesville Bridge, then Tarban Creek and finally the Lane Cove River, to explore parts of Woolwich,   Longueville and Lane Cove, then back via Hunters Hill.  With a few  steep hills and lots of stops for navigational checks due to lack of local street knowledge, the cool, overcast morning was appreciated to complete the 37 km.

The western side

Forecasts of rain for the next few days meant an early Monday ride of 53 km.  Having followed along the foreshore on the northern side of Parramatta River on several rides, I'm again struck by the contrast between the 19th century Yaralla estate buildings at Concord  and  the 144 metre high Rhodes central development a couple of bays further on. In the words of Build Sydney's construction newsletter:  " it is now dominating the view"further boasting that the Rhodes skyline can be seen from "many vantage points across Sydney"  including Meadowbank foreshore, Putney Park and Cabarita Park - unfortunately this is true (see photo in gallery below) , and also from my home in Abbotsford!  The odd shaped heliostat on top of the highest tower apparently has mirrors which track and reflect the sun's rays down onto the areas below where the building itself has caused shadow.  Perhaps a lower building height might have allowed the sun to shine there naturally and more cheaply??
On over the river again to nearly the most westerly point in my allowed 5km - the sculpture at Rhodes Point, then the Rhodes foreshore into Bicentennial Park for a couple of circuits past its  mangroves and billabongs.  Home via Concord West station, over to Breakfast Point's northerly tip and around Hen & Chicken Bay back to Abbotsford.

Views from Balmain west

A pleasant spring Sunday morning with a temperature forecast to reach 29 degrees persuaded John to complete another weekend cycle this week. Around east Drummoyne, under the IC Bridge and around the bay anticlockwise, we continued under the the other side of the bridge to west Balmain.  At Elkington Park we stopped for views out to Cockatoo Island and beyond, while the Dawn Fraser pool just below was already well patronised by 7.30am. We reached our furthest allowable point east before turning back.

The eastern side

Setting off at 6:15am Saturday morning towards Iron Cove, a light but persistent fog descended, remaining for 2 loops of the Bay Run.  Keeping to the east side of Drummoyne took me over Gladesville Bridge then Tarban Creek Bridge into Hunters Hill.  Continuing  through the shady streets  I eventually headed back via Tarban Creek Reserve, and over the bridges again into east Drummoyne.  An increasing presence of walkers, runners and cyclists along the north side of the Bay Run indicated the morning was well advanced, so time for coffee at Nield Park.  A further few kilometres along Hawthorne Canal  and the back streets of Five Dock and Russell Lea took me home following a ride of 53km.

Parramatta River ride

Just a week into Ride500 and the sun is well up at 6am, but still a cool start to the day.  The minimal traffic on Sydney roads at this hour  is  one of the very few silver linings of stay at home restrictions.  Today's ride of 56 km took a little longer - trying to follow a couple of other  cyclists for a while  through Breakfast Point to add another loop to this ride. 

End of week 1

While  heading over Gladesville Bridge  on a  crisp Monday morning, it was worth a quick stop to watch the rising sun's rays shimmering on the  Parramatta River looking east to the city. Although winds were forecast to increase, the rest of the morning's ride through the backstreets and parks of Gladesville,  across the John Whitton cycle bridge at Meadowbank, on through Bicentennial Park and back around the foreshore of Hen and Chicken Bay capped off an enjoyable morning. 

First rides of spring

Despite having to manually upload cycling kms to my Ride500 page (thanks Strava!!)  I'm off to a good start with 121 km completed by end of Day4. 
From Gladesville Bridge looking towards  Parramatta the early commuter ferry crossing from Huntley's Point to Chiswick wharf was just catching the early morning sun on the first day of spring. 

Support my Ride

Starting 1 September, I'm taking on the Ride500 challenge to help end cancer! Please support my Ride by making a donation. 

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia and sadly, 1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, so it touches us all.   Together, we can help change this by raising funds to help end cancer for good. 

Your donation will help fund life-saving cancer research and prevention programs, as well as provide vital support services to people impacted by cancer. 

Thank you!

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Dianne Croker

What a way to kick off retirement! Best wishes from all your friends in the Lifetime Schemes.


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Happy Cycling! Enjoy your retirement and all the very best! Cath :)


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Enjoy those rides


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Janine, thank you for riding for all of us - cancer touches us all in many ways. Helen


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Enjoy the ride! You ride for my mum Frances & my cousin Melinda.


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Congratulations on your retirement Janine. Your rides sound like a wonderful time for reflection and the pictures are beautiful of the local area. Here’s hoping you and John will be able to enjoy many adventures further afield soon.


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Congratulations on your achievements Janine your an inspiration to all who know you to seek adventure. The pictures of your journey make you see the beauty of your local area from a unique perspective. Very special. All the best on your goals.


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Thanks for riding for such an important cause Janine! As a survivor, I know the realities of cancer well and understand just how important access to timely support and services is. Research is the key to helping us beat cancers of all types so thankyou so much for dedicating your time and effort to this.


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